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Building TCOBD

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be blogging about my experience building my website This Concludes our Broadcast Day, otherwise known as TCOBD.

It might be useful to understand what TCOBD is and why I created it…

Once upon a time, late at night, television stations would stop broadcasting and sign-off the air. Right before that happened, the station would play a short, pre-recorded clip informing the viewers. If the Internet did a nightly sign-off, what would it look like?

Discussing that question over a brandy old fashioned became the inspiration for TCOBD.com. If it isn’t apparent from the title image at the top of every page, TCOBD is an acrynym for “This concludes our broadcast day”, which was the phrase often uttered right before the station would play a super jingoistic montage of video clips of american awesomeness. My daughter took to pronouncing TCOBD as “ta kab dee”, so I’ll urge you and I do the same.

In terms of functionality, consistantly throughout the day, TCOBD collects, aggregates and scores information being read on the internet. At the end of the day (or close to it), TCOBD analyzes this data and creates a bunch of artifacts that is then displayed on this website. I hope TCOBD will act as historic record of what remarkable events defined each day. Want to know what happened the day you met your spouse, or broke your leg, ate your first lobster or welcomed your child into the world? Hey, head to TCOBD, we’ll show you.

So that’s the “What”. But, “Why”? Why create this?

I decided on the content because I thought it would be fun. Also, see the brandy fueled conversation referenced above. But really, I did it to keep my skills sharp. TCOBD is built using Cloud Architecture, Continuous Integration and Deployment, Microservices, Containerization, Elastic Document Databases, System Integration and Social Marketing. If you care about the details of how I used those software practices, contact me. I’m not hard to find: @tcobd.

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